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A small change can make a big difference. Reduce one-time-use plastic waste and help save the environment.
4 R World is a mobile refillery offering safe, natural, and eco-friendly products for the home and body to consumers interested in reducing waste through the reuse, refilling and recycling of single use containers.

Our customers bring and fill their empty, clean containers brought from home, borrow donated containers available on board or buy them from us.  Filled containers are weighed at checkout and customers are charged based upon the net weight of the product. 


Laundry detergent, dish and hand soap, multi surface cleaners, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash and other common household and body products are among the products we offer. 

Our suppliers include, Common Good, Better Life, Molly’s Suds, Sapadilla and other companies committed to producing safe, natural and eco-friendly products. 

We also offer a variety of accessories for the home and body, made from sustainable, recycled and/or recyclable materials.

The Truth About PlasticWaste
  • 300 million tons of plastic is produced every year. Less than 25% of that plastic is reclaimed or recycled and a staggering 8.8 million tons end up in our oceans.

  • 700 marine species are threatened with extinction due to the threat that plastics pose to them in the form of entanglement, pollution and ingestion.

  • Most plastics are not biodegradable and only after hundreds of years of exposure to UV rays do they breakdown, and even then, only into microscopic plastic particles.

  • The number of shampoo bottles thrown out in the United States every year could fill 1,164 football fields.

  • Conventional laundry detergents often contain phosphates, which can cause harmful algal blooms that lead to dead zones in aquatic ecosystems.

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