Our COVID-19 Response

buy with confidence and safety

For your safety and protection from the spread of COVID 19, 4R World has instituted procedures to comply with the safe operating standards provided by the CDC.  These procedures include the following:


  • Customers will not be permitted to enter the 4R World trailer.

  • Interior trailer surfaces, products and dispensers will be thoroughly sanitized and/or disinfected prior to and during the refilling event.

  • All 4R World employees will be required to wear masks and gloves while serving customers.

  • They will be serving one customer at a time and ask that waiting customers adhere to social distancing guidelines and remain at least six feet apart or wait in their cars until the previous customer has finished their transaction.

  • 4R World employees will be dispensing products and managing payment from within the trailer.

  • Customers will submit a completed Product Menu and Order Form on the day of the refilling event.

  • Product Menu and Order Forms will be available on site the day of the refilling event. If you want to prepare your order beforehand, you can download and print out the form here. ORDER FORM.

  • Payment and the exchange of goods will be handled through the trailer concession window and side entrances only.

  • Credit and debit cards will be the only form of payment accepted.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures, please feel free to CONTACT US.