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Placement Partners

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Be Part of The Solution. Become a Partner.

We are looking for placement partners that believe  in our mission and are willing to commit to our placement on a monthly basis. Placement of our trailer in locations where our customers can count on us being every month, is critical and a key to our success. Our favorite partners include, churches, colleges, schools, medical centers, corporate headquarters, office complexes and other venues that are interested in offering their members, students, employees or constituents an opportunity to fill their needs for a better world. We offer a revenue sharing program to many of our charitable and non-profit placement partners and have pledged our support and a percentage of our profits to Oceanic Global and Captains for Clean Waters. We participate in festivals, craft shows, outdoor concerts and food truck rallies, as well as private events for clubs, community centers and organizations.

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Learn more about the benefits of becoming a 4R World Partner today.

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