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The Battle of All Battles - Glass vs Plastic

So, you've decided to re-evaluate your container situation. You have a variety of glass jars, bottles, and containers. You also have a plethora of plastic containers. Now what? What is better for the environment? What is better for refilling? What to do and what you need to know.

Let's start with glass. Glass has many great attributes. It can be recycled over and over again. The only downside to recycling glass is that you need more sand. Specific sand. Not only is it very specific sand, but it is the sand that comes from seabeds and riverbeds. That causes a whole other issue. So, let's stay on topic of the positive aspects of glass. Because glass is nonporous and impermeable, there are no interactions between glass packaging and the products inside, resulting in no nasty after taste – ever. Plus, glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions, which ensures that the products inside a glass bottle keep their flavor, strength and aroma. Glass can also be quickly and easily cleaned and sterilized in boiling water, enhancing its reusable properties.

Now, let's talk plastic. Plastic has some great attributes: it's weight, it's cost and it's durability. It weighs less than glass and with some products weight does matter. It's cost to produce and the green house gasses it emits when being properly recycled costs less than glass. And it's durability. While, we love the variety that glass containers now offer, plastic is more durable when shipping, crating and being used.

There is an argument for both in our world. Being responsible with usage, with what we refill in them and how we recycle them all come into play. Also consider where you will use each container. You would not want glass around your pool or in your shower, but you could use glass on your counter top or for less handled products.

We will let you decide. The bottom line is to refill! Reducing the amount of single use plastics we use in a lifetime. Bring us your plastics and/or your glass and let us refill them with our eco-friendly, natural products for the home and body. Together we can save the planet.

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