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R Story

Dave and Lisa

Based in Tarpon Springs, Florida, 4R World was started by Dave and Lisa Ulgenalp.  They live on the water and see firsthand, every day, the impact that plastic refuse has on the sea and bird life, waters and shorelines behind their home.  As a result, they’ve committed to reducing and eventually, eliminating their use of plastics and products packaged in or made from unsustainable or unrecyclable materials.  A friend, already committed to the reduce, reuse, refill and recycle movement, introduced them to a local refillery where they could refill their single use containers with safe, natural and eco-friendly products.  It was love at first site, and a mission was born - to have a positive impact on our world by encouraging and enabling the reduction of waste, through the reuse, refilling, and recycling of single use containers. 


The Ulgenalps quickly realized that the impact of a single, brick and mortar refillery was limited to those that were fortunate enough to live nearby or had the luxury to drive a long way to support the refilling movement.  They saw an opportunity to have a much greater impact by creating a mobile refillery that would make it convenient for many more people to refill, and a concept was born – 4R World.

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